just announced that they will let people ...

Bitwage -> Bitreserve -> Gateways: Bitcoin is ready for the (savvy) Unbanked

I was playing around with Bitreserve & Coinapult today and was blown away by what's already offered. These services are just in their infancy and already can be integrated with the existing bitcoin infrastructure.
Let's say you are a low-income worker without a bank account
Why don't you have a bank account?
Yet by not having access to a bank, you must compensate by:
Let's say you have a smartphone and are savvy enough to piece together existing bitcoin services
  1. Get your wage switched from checks to bitcoin via bitwage
  2. Forward bitcoin payments to your USD wallets on Coinapult/Bitreserve.
  3. Send money to people via email or standard bitcoin payments
  4. Use bitcoin gateway solutions to spend your bitUSD in the real world (ex: Rent gateways, Gift Cards, Bitcoin ATMs, Bitcoin debit cards, online shopping, etc.)
This is by no means a cakewalk
Yet for a savvy individual with access to the internet (yet no bank account), there now exists a legitimate way to use bitcoin. Bitcoin is becoming less of a privilege for those with excess money to experiment and more utilitarian for the people who need it most.
Plus, with this modular model, there is so much room for competitive services to solve problems. And in this ecosystem, the problem solvers affect the world (not just those with bank accounts).
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